About me

My name is Robert Thomson and I’m running for re-election as your Ward 5 councillor.

It has been both an honour and privilege to represent the people of Ward 5. For those who are new to our beautiful ward, let me introduce myself. I’ve lived in Ward 5 with my wife and two sons for the past 20 years. I ran for council because I love this city and our neighborhood. As your councillor, I made a promise to be accessible and accountable to all residents – no matter how big or small their issues were.


This term on council has been significantly impacted by navigating a global pandemic. In response, we were asked to make very difficult choices which included following restrictions that limited public activities making it very challenging to connect face to face with residents. Now, as the pandemic is becoming under control, making personal connections with my constituents is something I would love to see happen more.

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I am pleased to note we are starting to see our community come together once again as evidenced by recent neighbourhood cleanups, community gardens and garage sales. I look forward to participating and supporting efforts to connect with and engage Ward 5 residents.

Over the last four years we have been able to accomplish a great deal, but there is still more to do. In this term, we have delivered the lowest four-year tax rate in the past two decades. I understand taxes are a priority for residents and will continue to work on reducing the tax burden for Barrie families. 

Infrastructure, specifically roads, are another key priority. As your councillor I will continue to advocate for Ward 5 infrastructure needs.  We have also installed a multi-season play court in Pringle Park which has reanimated the park for so many families.

I recognize road safety to also be very important to residents. In response, council has taken several steps forward and will continue working to improve on our roads in Ward 5. Recent improvements include:


  • Installing permanent speed humps in front of two major parks.

  • A new advance green at Ferndale and Edgehill which has allowed families to enter the subdivision in a more safe and timely manner.

  • Placing no parking signs in targeted areas that were creating hazards on the road (for example Shakespeare & Jagges).

  • Adding a new three-way stop at Sproul and Miller and soon you will see new traffic calming measures coming to Edgehill Drive. 

In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to connecting with residents at the door, by phone and by email. If you have any questions or concerns about me or my campaign, please feel free to reach out. You can click here to contact me. On October 24th, I hope that I can count on your continued support as your city councillor.

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​Robert Thomson, Candidate for Barrie City Councillor – Ward 5