When I was first elected four years ago, I promised that I'd work hard for the residents of Ward 5. Since then, we've been able to accomplish a lot together. Below are some of our accomplishments since 2018:

Endorsement from Ward 5 residents Debbie and Ray Frank:

"We have always been able to talk to previous councillors... The problem was we were not that important and our thoughts and concerns were easily dismissed. This is clearly not the case with Robert and his representation. Our calls are received professionally and with an open ear. Robert's approach is second to none and we only dream of what Ward 5 would be today if he had assumed this position earlier.


Quote from Teresa MacLennan, Executive Director of the Women & Children's Shelter of Barrie:

"As Ward 5 councillor, Robert's involvement in our community has been visible and transparent. He has maintained a connection and line of communication with us that is truly appreciated. The support of our City of Barrie representatives is necessary for all social service agencies so we can continue our work knowing those representatives value our work and recognize the need in our community."